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I have never met a dead beat dad

I have never met a dead beat dad

In 40 years of family law I have never met a dead beat dad, if by “dead beat” one means a father who willfully and with intent is underemployed for the sole purpose of avoiding child support. What I have seen are legions of fathers whose changing circumstances prevent them from earning what they would like, or used to bring home. Various heartless agencies of government and their legal hyenas pursue these men with a blood thirsty vengeance seizing driver’s licenses and passports.

What I have seen are untold numbers of mothers manufacturing elaborate excuses why they can’t get a job even as a waitress because the children need them to be home, or they want the father to foot the bill for schooling to become a counselor to help women abused by men.

Are there father’s out there willfully underemployed? Some. Are there mothers out there who  kill their new born and leave them in a dumpster? Some. But we don’t accuse mothers of being dumpster moms.

A common mantra from personality disordered mothers is that the father’s soul purpose in seeking more time with the children is to get out of having to pay as much child support. I have had many father clients offer to maintain full child support to the mother regardless as to the time he parents the children.

Women are now fully in the work force. But dad’s are still seen as the wallet.

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