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Practicing law for over 40 years, Carey raised three children to adulthood as a single father parent. Carey is a strong advocate for consensus over conflict. But he won’t avoid the just fight when reason fails. He has been a member of the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia and a past member of the American Trial Lawyers’ Association. Carey Linde pioneered the movement for equal-time shared parenting in the courts of Canada. His practice is aimed at ensuring children can keep both parents meaningfully in their lives.

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What they are saying about Carey:

“Carey Linde has revolutionized custody for fathers….” – G.L., Attorney & Arbitrator

“It is true that he has taken an aggressive approach on behalf of his client. However, I conclude that he did so to ensure that his client’s role as the child’s parent was not undermined.” – B.C. Supreme Court Judge (P.W. v. K.W., 2002 BCSC 1822).

“It is very crushing to go through a divorce, especially when a child is involved. My emotions were on a roller coaster throughout this process. Carey and his team made this difficult time understandable and most of all bearable for me. At times they also slid into a therapeutic role, not allowing me to lose myself in one of the most trying times of my life. They focused my attention on the important issues in my case and made me realize that the big picture is more important than the day-to-day minutia one can easily get wrapped up into. For me the most important thing was my daughter, who was only a year old at the time.” – J.S.

“It is rare to find a lawyer who cares so deeply and personally for the well-being of his clients and their children, and rarer still for one to share his four decades of knowledge and experience so openly. Carey is a light in what is often a very dark place. Thanks to his guidance and support, my daughter and I enjoy a much stronger relationship.” D.T.

“Mr. Linde is a kind-hearted, wise man who put me at ease and took the details of my case seriously. In a very short time he gave me some powerful, actionable advice. I am very grateful for that and it was worth the trip and money for me.” – L.J.M.

“Carey met with me promptly and began his mentorship to me in the fine art of being a Father defendant in family law. His abiding message was patience and hope and try to de-personalize the onslaught. It took me awhile to begin to listen and learn, particularly in the latter case.” – K.W.

“I first met Carey Linde in 2006 when I consulted him regarding a protracted parental alienation syndrome case. Even though at that time I was not his client, Carey was generous in giving me advice and guidance through an extremely challenging situation. Carey’s advice was crucial to the success of my efforts to save my daughter from what the courts eventually recognized as a very harmful environment.” S.A.

“(Carey is)…an oasis in the desert.” – D.M.